About brown bag books

Outdoor Book Market!

People still want books. Need books. Enjoy books. Collect books. Brown Bag Books has been bringing used, quality reading material to the greater southern california area for six years and counting. The idea of a brick and mortar bookstore, however appealing, remains a difficult business venture, even without the economic instabilty we are experienceing of late. But who wouldn’t want to own a bookstore?

Our mobile ‘book shows’ allow more people to see an amazing collection of hand picked books and journals. We travel all over, finding just the right book, for just the right someone. We bring those books in used, excellent condition to an even wider audience. We’re like the SPCA for books, finding good homes to worthy books. Catch us when we have our uber books out, a fantiastic collection that has taken years to accumulate, or stop by when we’re having our fun sidewalk sales. Cheap and easy, just the way we like them. We support local libraries, schools, and businesses. We like to read, and we are always looking for the next venue to pop up at. Contact us if you have the need, (to read).

We are brown and in town!

Contact us at: brownbagbooksinfo@yahoo.com

3 Responses to “About brown bag books”

  1. A hug from a cosy corner in Colorado. Heart you sista.

  2. Roy Leung Says:


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