Write it out, writers. Unique, one of a kind, our journals are made locally from rescued books. Here’s a list of where you can find them, but your best bet is to come to one of our book sales where we lay them all out!


* Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach

* The Library Shop at the Downtown Library, Los Angeles

Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles, Brown Bag Books

Further Out

* Wholly Craft! Columbus Ohio

* Housing Works, New York City


* Shakespeare and Company, Paris, (France)

7 Responses to “Journals”

  1. Teri Walker Says:

    Loved your journals and meeting you at the craft fair in Twin Peaks. Hope to catch up with you in Silverlake.

    • Yes! Thank you so much Teri, it was a fun show and i met lots of great folks. We’re in Silverlake on December 10th, I believe. The second Saturday of the month. It’s a fun flea market kind of day.

  2. Are there pictures I can see of the journals?

    • Hi Judy, I wish there were pictures of the journals (they change so quickly!). I’m working on a better system for showing and ordering them. Thanks for the ‘push’ though, I appreciate the comment. BBB

  3. Dorothy McKim Says:

    We bought 3 of your journals at the Shakespeare Bookstore in Paris. They are fantastic! Where can we get more please? We live in California. Thanks a bunch!

  4. I bought 2 of your journals at UCR and want to tell my pals all about your lovely work! Were are you going to be in the next few weeks? I’d love to send you more customers!

    • Hello Maggie! Nice to meet you at the Bug Fair! Love that event. We will be at an event called “Maker’s Marketplace” this coming Sunday, December 8th with new journals. I believe it’s an inside event, so even if there’s weather…I’d love to meet your friends, lets have a party! Thank you again, and I will post the event on our timeline.

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