How fast will I receive my books? 

We ship all packages in 3 to 5 business days from Southern California, using USPS media mail for books. Any other products, including bags and stickers we use USPS priority mail.

How often do you have new books and or/journals on the website?

Each month we add approximately 20 to 30 new books to the website, the best and latest discoveries. *Journals take longer to create so may be every other month, or as production allows.

Where do you get your books from? 

Our books form an ongoing collection and have been sourced from around the world. London, Paris, and Berlin, have become our favorite places to find books, as well as all over California, and the United States.

Can I order something that’s not on the website, let you know a title I’m looking for?

Yes! We have a huge back stock of books, and are always finding new materials. Please email your requests and we will put it on the top of our list.

What happens if I receive my book and I’m not happy with them? 

Choose wisely! Unfortunately we do not accept returns on books or journals.  Please send us an email if something has not arrived, and will do our best to make arrangements to make sure you are satisfied. But Fair Warning! We are not Amazon, but a small company with limited employees and a ‘small business is better’ work ethic.

Do you buy or trade books? Do you take Donations?

We often buy books from private collections on an ‘as needed’ basis. We are looking for books similar to what we have in stock; good, quality books in ‘new’ or ‘good’ condition are always welcome. We do not buy magazines, almanacs, encyclopedias or other dated material. *Donations of all books are taken and appreciated. We are able to get any and all books to the places they go – like schools, etc.