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Mobile Booksellers

We began as a ‘mobile bookstore’ bringing good books, physical books, to The People at artshows, farmers markets, and anywhere an eclectic mix of literature and great reading material were welcome and needed. Our ever-growing book collection now holds thousands of titles, all available either in person, or from our online selection.

We believe in the power of reading as a tool to inform and reflect on current societal issues, and we prefer to be eco friendly about it. The Classics, old and new, are our first love, but current non-fiction that leans towards social justice, historical facts, and world cultures remain a staple in our collection. We have traveled the world, particularly London, Paris, and Berlin to bring back World Classics and fascinating finds from other lands. Our book collection is special because it is hand picked with our unique customers in mind. Let us help you build your library! There is something for everyone at Brown Bag Books.

The Begining

We missed bookstores, like the ones we had in the 80’s, (1980’s and 1880’s), and like the ones still found in European cities. In 2004, after returning to the LA area from San Francisco, we saw a giant hole where booksellers used to be. We started this business because we believed there was a need to see books ‘out in the wild’ as brick and mortar bookstores began to close, and box stores became the norm. 

Our philosophy remains the ‘Tiny Bookstore’ concept, one where you can ask the proprietors ‘can you suggest a good book?’ or just have a good ol’ conversation about the written word. Books create memories, and we like sharing both.

Lady Blurb

Started in a garage just like Apple, by a little girl with a penchant for books. Female created and owned since 2004, Brown Bag Books is committed to bringing a diverse array of books to the public, adding New Arrivals each month. We pride ourselves on being able to bring ‘the best of the best’ in distinctive books, from current topics, to favorite classics, from our library, straight to yours. Our collections are also available for interior stylists and ‘proportunities’ for those needing books and/or librarybackdrops for their content. Inquire for details and special requests.

Looking Forward

Having a brick and mortar is always a goal, but as the current landscape of commerce and retail changes, so too do our ambitions. As we’ve grown over the last fifteen years, we’ve realized the ‘mobile bookstore’ is ultimately what brings us the most pleasure. We like meeting people, seeing people light up around books,  and become excited at the prospect of reading something new. And in the mean time, as we dream about an airstream full of books, or a crazy old decommissioned school bus motoring around town with ‘BOOK MOBILE’ painted on the side, or another brick and mortar, we’ll offer our book collection online for the discerning book connoisseur.  Let us know what your looking for, we probably have it, or something in mind for you… 

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