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The Diary of a Bookseller - Shaun Bythell


Dang it this book is hilarious! Even if you're not a bookseller, or live in Scotland, or have kooky friends that work for you. This is the beginning and continued journey of Bythell's adventures in Book Store Land. Stories from his bookstore in Wigtown, Scotland, a happy-go-lucky village better known as a 'Booktown' which I for one am here for, are told with the importance of BOOKS at their center. And friendship, and Scottish humor. Bythell is dry as a bone in his skewering of the literary world, and honest (and hilarious!), about owning and operating a bookshop in these 'electronic days.' The man took a kindle outside and shot it with a shotgun and then took it back inside and mounted it in the bookshop. RESPECT. I'm gonna meet this MF someday, I swear it. Like new copy with a UK cover. Great read for bibliophiles or people who like Scottish humor.